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Sabry Marouf - First Interview

Posted By I Heart Team

1. Please introduce yourselves.

Daki: Hi, I’m Daki Marouf, and I’m co-founder and Managing Director of Sabry Marouf
Ahmed: I’m Ahmed Sabry, also co-founder, and Creative Director of Sabry Marouf

2. How do you two know each other

We knew each other from back home, we were in the same circle of friends.
We both worked in Cairo at the time, and were quite dissatisfied with our jobs - Until the creative explosion which ensued around the time of the 2011 revolution in Egypt we both started exploring the idea of Sabry Marouf, and soon after we took the decision to leave our jobs and start working together full-time on the brand.

3. What is Sabry Marouf? How this idea started?

Sabry Marouf is a London-based luxury fashion accessories brand. We make modern, wearable artefacts inspired by our heritage. It all started when we realised that we were both part of new movement - a generation which seeks new ways of appropriating culture in to products - So we sought out to create Sabry Marouf. We spent two years immersing ourselves in Cairo’s historic craft-making district of Khan el Khalili, learning metal-smithing from some of the best artisans around. We created small capsule collections and sold at private selling events. And as we gained traction, we realised that we needed to strengthen both our creative and business acumens in order to scale up. So, we joined the London College of Fashion and pursued our MA’s, which helped us immensely.

4. How do you split the work between you two?

Daki: At first we did everything together, from design to manufacturing and marketing. And then we naturally realised that it was more efficient to split the work between us, and roles shaped up more when we went through our MA programmes. I now handle the business side; So, everything from strategy, management, planning to sales and marketing.

Ahmed: Exactly, and now I focus on product development, brand image, and generally head the brand creatively. That is not to say that we don’t cross-over all the time. We still consult with one another and collaborate.

5. Who are your potential clients?

He or she, is definitely an explorer. It is someone who questions the status-quo. Someone who really appreciates timeless artefacts, wants to connect with the world’s different cultures, and understands craft and unique design.

6. How did you feel on the day of the competition?

We felt anxious at first, to be meeting the panel and presenting in front everyone. But at the same time, it was exciting to have this opportunity to present our story. When we heard 'Sabry Marouf' being called as the winner, we felt very thankful and excited knowing how much this prize would help us forward. 

7. What do you wish to achieve from Heart content prize?

We’re going to work with I Heart on creating for the first time, custom made content which we will use across our channels. We are so psyched to collaborate with the creative team who we are sure will help us create powerful imagery which will help build and communicate our brand story.

8. Where do you see Sabry Marouf in five years?

Growing our team and offerings steadily, always innovating, integrating technology and sustainability. We also want to reach out and work on projects that support artisanal communities in Egypt and fosters and promote our heritage in new ways.

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