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New in client services

Posted by I Heart team

Our new Head of Client Engagement & Production, Derek Von Sternick, joins us from DVNA prod, an independent boutique production company based in Paris. With experience in delivering digital strategy and producing creative and interactive brand content across the fashion and entertainment industry, Derek understands that exceptional imagery is fundamental to enhancing brand perceptions.

Here are 5 quick questions with Derek.

1. Tell us about a typical day for you – what does your job involve?

The Client Engagement & Production Services team is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of productions from pre-planning to final delivery. A typical day for me involves balancing time between my desk and the sets, using clear communication and proactive thinking to meet each brief’s requirements and ensure a professional and friendly environment for our clients and our crew.

2. What is the best part about what you do?

The problem solving. Every project is unique and has its own challenges to overcome so working through these with the I Heart team is one of my favourite parts of the job. We have a real sense of community here and a deep desire to get each job done to the best of our ability. It makes me feel like anything is possible and no campaign is beyond our reach.

3. What’s your favourite campaign either you have worked on – or wish you had worked on?

INSIDE CHANEL is my favourite campaign. It combines every single medium at our disposal to tell their story from beginning to end http://inside.chanel.com/en/no5

4. What are some trends you’ve been seeing in the industry recently?

The desire to split images is a very bold move by brands. Brands have accepted that their audience are not only capable of processing multiple images in the time it takes to scroll through a feed, but they actually welcome the influx of imagery.

5. Why is strong visual content so important to brands? What should brands look to do differently?

Visual content has become such an important part of how we communicate, and brands need to be seen as leaders in creating trends and lifestyles through their content if they are going to remain relevant and desirable.
A strong visual image will communicate a brand's identity, their creative direction and the lifestyle.

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