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A peek into a Beauty Shoot

Posted by Jess Broadhead, our Head of Styling

One of our favorite clients, New Look, has launched their Pure Colour make-up range, full of beauty basics and some of the best trends in makeup, all at affordable prices which means you can change your nail polish every week!

I Heart were tasked with creating beautifully styled make up shots for PR use, which is something our team enjoys, as it's a chance to flex our creative muscles.

Our Creative Director, Martin Winslade, created a brief following New Look's requirements of beautiful shots of the products as well as the packaging and tasked our Head of Styling, Jess Broadhead, with briefing teams and working with the team to produce final shoot images.

In-house Stylist Neesha Champaneria and in-house Senior Photographer James Harris shot and styled the shoot, and give us a peek into the process for working on a creative beauty shoot...


What attracts you to shooting makeup?

Brands spend a lot of time making beauty products and packaging very aesthetic and for a photographer this makes it really fun to shoot as the materials and shapes used pick up great highlights and the bold colours and metallic textures look really vibrant and interesting on camera.

How did you approach this shoot differently?

To make the most of the new bold lettering and embossed designs on the New Look Pure Colour makeup, I used a small reflector on the right hand side to make the metallic powders sparkle and to give the embossed designs on the powders a 3D look (this was highlighted as a key feature of the product in our brief). The reflector also gave it a drop shadow under the lettering and a nice punchy shadow to the bottom left of the product all of which gave the image more depth.

Who creates the layouts and compositions for the products?

Although compositions for the shots were conceptualised by Martin before we started shooting, Neesha and Martin adapted these as we went along to suit the product and it was great to figure out as a team and experiment with the products on set to get the most interesting results.


Where did you look for inspiration for styling the make-up?

A LOT OF BEAUTY MAGS! I really love building things sculpturally, so I was very excited when I was asked to style this shoot. We wanted the shots to show the texture and intensity of each product. So I Heart's Creative director Martin Winslade and I got together to established the best way to showcase each product. These images are the first images created for the launch of New Look's Pure Colour range and had to reflect the brand, appeal to their customer base as well as create powerful images.

What tools did you use to create the unique smudges and smears?

The handiest tool I had on set was a razor blade; I can't tell you the rest its a secret.

Favorite New Look makeup product you shot?

The nail polishes were really fun to shoot and involved pouring multiple nail polishes into big glossy pools of dreamy colours. The lipsticks came in some great shades too, including a soft purple which I might even be swayed to swap my matte red lipstick for.

Finally, what's your favorite make-up look?

I am not very experimental with my make up looks! I tend to go for the same look everyday. I like classic black eyeliner flicks, a good strong arched brow and a matte red lip.

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