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2016 Digital Content Trends

Posted by Sjors Bos

By the end of last year we got asked by Drapers what the top digital trends for 2016 would be and what the new year may hold in terms of advances in digital images and video for online usage.

Content is king and personalization is the driver, personalization is more than a data exercise, visualization is strongly connected to a 360-degree personalization strategy. This will drive the need for digital content to the next level in 2016.

Video will continue to grow as an element of online presentation, however we feel that video purpose and utilization needs more focus in how it is applied on websites.

Traditional walk on/off and catwalk videos will become less relevant and we see a trend of more free-form video development becoming a trend. Free-form will have a texture of user-generated content, but managed and created by specialists with the purpose of consumer engagement and education.

Finally, we anticipate websites to become more fluid and less structured to provide more dynamic and visual texture, all to drive consumer engagement. This will require content to change and adopt in tone and texture to deliver a total experience.

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